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health tips for men

We have a handy guide to help you stay health  healthy through better hygiene . Harmful germs and bacteria can lurk in unexpected places and we  may even unwittingly contribute to their spread, so learn the basics about germs and how to prevent illness by breaking the chain of infection . The best health tips for men are exercise regularly and make your mind stress free health .

                           BEST 10 HEALTH TIPS FOR MEN

  1.  Don’t smoke . Smoking is estimated to kill 40,000 Americans every single year . That’s the equivalent death toll of three jumbo jet crashes every single day! Choosing not to smoke is , without a doubt , the single most important health decision you can make and say yes to health tips for men health .
  2. Control your weight . This is not as easy a No.2 choice for me was No.1 . That’s because the connection between obesity and actual illnesses or deaths is often more indirect than in case with smoking . But I have come to  accept the estimates of the Surgeon General’s Office that obesity is responsible for approximately 350,000 deaths every year. Control your weight is the best health tips for men health .
  3.  Exercise regularly . This health practice has enormous physical and emotional benefits . Besides reducing the risk for high blood pressure , high blood cholesterol , diabetes , obesity and osteoporosis , regular exercise can be helpful in raising our general mood and reducing the risk for depression health .
  4.  Practices safe sex. In this age of AIDS, you could make a good case for putting this higher on the list . But even less lethal sexually transmitted diseases can cause a wide range of disability , such as infertility problems and pelvic pain in women . And unless you are in a truly monogamous relationship , there is no good way to tell a partner is safe , so prevention using condoms is key health   .
  5.   Have regular glaucoma screenings . I put this on the list because glaucoma is a major cause of blindness and it usually doesn’t produce visual symptoms until it has caused significant damage to the optic nerve . That’s why eye  doctors call it a “thief in the night “. The other benefit of glaucoma screening is that your ophthalmologist will have the opportunity to check for other eye  problems such as macular degeneration .health
  6.   Increase good fats and good carbs in your diet . Some of the standard nutritional advice of the past is undergoing change . And this is particularly true in the growing emphasis on making  a distinction between good fats and crabs  – such as omega-3 fatty acids and whole grains , which should actually be increased in our diet – and bad fats and crabs , such as saturated fats and highly refined grains , which of course should be decreased. In others words , just “cutting down ” on fats and crabs is not precise enough
  7.  Find time for some kind of meditation /relaxation practice . This goal is very flexible . It is more important to set aside some time for relaxation than it is to worry about a specific relaxation than it is “relaxing” in the sense that it gets your mind away from stressful thoughts can be helpful . All of us should take the time to “get away ” mentally and emotionally at least once a day , whenever we are , or whatever we are doing .health
  8.  Take a baby aspirin every day . Unless you are truly allergic to aspirin  or at high risk for gastrointestinal bleeding , this daily dose of aspirin is one of the most beneficial and simple things you can do and this is the best health tips for men .health
  9.  Go for walking . Walk more than 30 minutes a day . This will help you to release stress and make your mind relax .health
  10.   Spend your free time with playing outdoor games like basketball , football etc this is the best health tips for men . This will increase your stamina .

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